The Hair-man of the Board

Angus, age 4 and at the height of his fiber giving powers

Today’s rabbit is my 9 ¾ year old English Angora, Angus. He’s my super affectionate mellow fellow, and is the second of the bunnies to come live with us. He joined our household in May 2013. He was three years old at the time, which is why he’s older than Buns. I would compare him to Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin, except Angus doesn’t drink bourbon or smoke cigars.

For those not familiar with the Angora breeds, they are high-maintenance rabbits. Besides the companionship, there is only one main reason you bring a long-haired bunny home. It’s called fiber sickness, a malady one often develops after years of enjoying crafts like knitting, crocheting, weaving and spinning. Due to his age, Angus is mostly retired from fiber production now, and spends his time as a short-haired rabbit due to monthly haircuts. Which works best for both of us these days, because it eliminates the constant brushing. I don’t sell my Angora wool, and he filled a 30 qt. Rubbermaid container for me. I’m reasonably certain it will last me a lifetime, because there is a partner in crime who filled a container of her own. A little Angora wool goes a long way, especially since it is usually blended with another fiber which has more “grab”. (My favorite is Alpaca.) Angora is seven times warmer than sheep’s wool, even though it is very lightweight.

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