I am a Project Person

Besides writing, I have mentioned knitting as one of my creative outlets. It’s actually one of many. Before starting a project, I often have a complete picture in my head of the final outcome. The appearance of my book was no exception. When I started writing again, the cover art was floating about in the background.

These days 100% digital production is quite common, especially for e-books. Not that I have a problem with it; but I have a fine art background, one that took years to develop and I don’t wish to lose my skills. (Use it or lose it is very much true for any number of disciplines.) I took a hybrid approach for my first cover. The above photo shows part of the process. Right now, I’m working from a table rather than a desk. One half of it is usually has another project occupying it. If the writing slows down, or needs a break I often work on something else during the time I allot myself for this endeavor.

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