Meet My Buns

Early in October 2019, I attended a writer’s workshop presented by Northwest Houston Romance Writers of America. The guest speaker was Kristen Lamb. The morning workshop covered antagonists, and the afternoon’s, social media. When I said I need resocialization, I wasn’t kidding. I’m not exactly technically challenged; but other than Pinterest and two blogs I wrote for my own entertainment, I’ve avoided social media like the plague.

Ms. Lamb recommends developing your brand before attempting to publish a book, so here I am. The first time I saw something on building your brand, it was on the cover of a Tiger Beat magazine at the grocery store checkout, a few years ago. I nearly died laughing at the idea of tweens and teens building their brands. Well, who’s laughing now? Not me.

Ms. Lamb recommends using your own name, which I totally agree with. The only problem with being a late comer, ahem, excuse me, late bloomer? Turns out I seem to have a million doppelgängers. While setting up this blog, I used mrharrybuns as my user name. Not so much because I was trying to be cute, but out of sheer desperation. Imagine my surprise and relief to discover it wasn’t taken. If there is a person out there named Harry Buns, I’m guessing they aren’t copping to it on the internet. The same goes for my blog title. Apparently, no one wants to come right out and admit they’re middle aged either. Besides, Ms. Lamb recommended I capitalize on my rabbits, because they’re cute and fuzzy (very fuzzy).   Since they are going to be a part of this endeavor, we may as well designate them board members. I would like to introduce the CRO (Chief Rabbit Officer). Meet my Buns…

Mr. Harry Buns, Chief Rabbit Officer

Buns is the first of my rabbits and was a Humane Society shelter adoption. I brought him home Feb. 13, 2013. Who says 13 is unlucky? I believe he celebrated a birthday recently, making him seven years old now. He may be a purebred Lionhead, though I can’t confirm that either. According to the shelter, someone found him loose in their neighborhood. He used to be a bit feisty when I first brought him home. Can’t blame him really. Life on the streets is hard. He settled in eventually, and is now my little buddy, kind of like Gilligan.

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